About Us

Extending the Branch is a small family-owned business that prides itself on excellent customer care. Customer service is always our first priority. If we don't provide great customer service, we cannot go any further with the rest of the business. Secondly, we provide healthy options. We want our customers to know why our products are healthy and the proper way to use them.

Moreover, we have great, fun flavors for all. Who wants to eat bland food? No one. We pride ourselves on bringing the fun back to food. Being small and family-owned means we can provide a more detailed focus on the exact things a customer may be needing as far as the health side goes.

Additionally, we also do pop up parties. Who doesn't want their flavor provider to come to their door and help pass the love of healthy flavor to their friends and family? When it comes to providing your specialized services, our team is a small one, but one that cares. The owner provides the services and products with her clients in mind. Her husband makes up the marketing team and helps with all things online. The owner's father has also been handling their whole project build and taken the space to a whole new level. The owner's mother has taught her all she knows about the in and outs of product operations and flavor pairing.

Our small, but specialized team takes pride in providing the specific customer care clients when buying our products. We look forward to assisting you in the Platte City, MO area today!